What you see here . . . .

                            is  life in the ECB



 The ECB got a crisp idea of what being a commando means, as two helicopters landed in the President's College grounds today. All traffic was halted as the major bus routes were blocked and Martial Law was implemented. The V.I.P arrived after a squad of commandos appeared to check the school and defend the aircraft. All this happened barely an hour after our Sunday practice session.



  Our school, the President's College Kotte, played host to the awards ceremony by S.T. John Ambulance Service. The Eastern Cadet Band was called upon to escort the chief guests (among them General Hamilton Ranasinghe) to the Auditorium with matching music as the award-winners formed the general salute. All the members of the Eastern Cadet Band attended the First Aid Course hosted by the ST John Ambulance: we are proud to say that the members of the ECB received valuable certificates to prove it.


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